Recruitment Audit
Are you identifying, prioritizing, engaging and hiring the right staff, into the right jobs at the right time to both maintain and grow your business in a cost effective manner? Do you know the level of engagement and satisfaction candidates and hiring managers are experiencing with your recruitment function? A Recruitment Audit is an ideal way to assess your recruitment function and employment brand.
When was the last time you took a step back to review your recruitment function? Like many organizations, your recruitment function is becoming increasingly challenged to support the needs of your business. To become more competitive, you need to increase the effectiveness of your recruitment process. This includes hiring candidates that best fit your corporate culture and managing the candidate experience in a way that honors your employment brand. A Recruitment Audit is an ideal way to assess your recruitment function, your employment brand and your candidate’s and hiring manager’s experience.

What is a recruitment audit?
Hire inSite’s Recruitment Audit is an unbiased diagnostic service for evaluating current recruitment performance. As third-party experts, we partner with clients to objectively review your current recruitment policies, procedures, documentation and systems to uncover strengths and weaknesses, developing a blueprint for continuous improvement.
How does it work?
We use proven methodologies, tools and processes to conduct every audit. Hire inSite’s audit process encompasses four phases:
Pre-Audit Discovery - Prior to initiating the audit, we ask customers to collect and provide information about their existing recruitment processes, practices, recruitment spend, job requisition and candidate volumes. Hire inSite provides guides to help you through this process.
On-site Review - This consultative phase involves client-site visits to review recruitment practices, tools and processes. We meet with key stakeholders (Hiring Managers, HR, Recruiting, and Candidates) to understand key recruitment issues, priorities and business objectives.
Data Analysis - Hire inSite utilizes a wide range of recruitment metrics to measure and compare organizational performance against industry benchmarks. In addition, we’re comparing actual practices with best practice approaches to formulate a snapshot of recruitment’s effectiveness and developing a gap analysis.
Findings and Recommendations Report - This in-depth report reviews all aspects of the recruitment process identifying key issues and strengths identified during the review. It also provides a series of prioritized recommendations.

What elements are examined?
Candidate Experience - What is the experience for both hired and rejected candidates?
Recruitment Process Efficiency – How does your process affect your results?
Recruitment Programs – Are you leveraging employee referral, campus, and internship programs? Are they effective?
Sourcing channels and methods – Are your sources, staffing agencies and advertising spend enabling or hindering results?
Recruitment Capability – Does your team have the training and experience to achieve the business’ hiring objectives?
Screening, interviewing and assessment effectiveness – Are your assessment methodologies aligned to effectively uncover desired competencies and predict performance?
Metrics – Does your company track metrics? Are they aligned to analyze and measure the performance of the recruitment function to the needs of the business?
Recruitment Strategy – Is your recruitment strategy in line with stated business objectives and vision for hiring?
Technology – Is your recruitment technology enabling efficiency, used to its potential, driving performance improvement and measuring results?
Social Media and Branding – What is your organization’s social media presence from a recruitment perspective? Is it being used to engage the right candidates?
Offer and onboarding process – What are the controls in place to insure compensation aligns to the business? Is your on-boarding process contributing to your new hire retention capability?
How long does it take?
We aim to complete the intake process (phases 1&2) within 2-3 business days and provide a full report within 8-10 business days. This will vary slightly depending on the availability of your team for discovery meetings and the complexity and scope of your recruitment function.

What will you receive?
Hire inSite provides a comprehensive report of your business from a recruitment perspective. It will include a full list of recommendations to optimize your recruitment strategy, processes and people to provide the business with dramatically improved results.

What does it cost?
The full recruitment audit costs between substantially less than the cost of one employee hired through a recruitment agency or the opportunity cost of one significant mishire (between $6K and $10K typically - depending on complexity of recruiting). Our customers see significant return on investment, are able to improve their overall process, reduce third-party agency spend, and reduce new hire turnover within weeks of implementing just a few of the high impact recommendations.


Why Hire inSite?
We build Practical - We believe in building and delivering practical, usable and functional tools to enable your team the highest potential for success. Having led corporate recruitment functions, our strategies are not "consultant strategy" novels, they are easy to understand and practical tools that will be openly adopted by your recruiting leaders, recruiters and sourcers.

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