Employment Brand Overview:
Your employment brand is a critical element to attract, engage and ultimately hire the team that reflect and embody your organization. With social media creating transparency and venues for candidates and employees to share their experiences very publicly, aligning your brand message to your brand reality is critical to attracting candidates that both fit in and thrive in your culture.

Why is your employment brand important?
The concept of "employment brand" has evolved significantly in the past decade. It’s not that long ago that the idea of “employment brand” meant creating a slick brand campaign that marketed the "employer of choice" campaigns. In the days before widespread adoption of social media this was one-way communication.
Social media has turned this old-school concept of employment brand on its ear. It has become crucial to represent our brand accurately in the marketplace as employees and candidates now have a venue to dispute our "marketing" if it's inaccurate. There has never been a greater need for organizations to “walk the talk” when it comes to the employment experience. There, in a nutshell, is your brand.
Our Approach?
Your employment brand already exists. We work with you to uncover, articulate, reframe and extrapolate your brand. Once we have the essence of the employment experience and why candidates are attracted to your organization, we work with you to create the messaging, elevator pitch and to reframe your employment value proposition (EVP). In short, our methodology includes:
Brand Exploration - We spend time with your employees to understand what the employment experience, leadership and communication style are and build an initial framework of the employment brand.
External Review - Reaching out to potential and previous candidates, analyzing social media commentary and market data, we pull together an external view of your organization.
Design - Marrying the internal and external perspectives, we facilitate sessions to articulate the employee value proposition, highlighting the core competencies, values, and culture. We'll design and build the messaging, recommend the venues and embed your employment brand within your job and career marketing, interviewing and selection practices, employee referral programs and all related hiring processes.
Socialize and Evangelize - With the help of social media we'll kick off campaigns and put all the messaging to work to attract the right candidates to your organization, retain the employees you already have and establish your organization as an employer of choice.
Why Hire inSite?
We build Practical - We believe in building and delivering practical, usable and functional tools to enable your team the highest potential for success. Having led corporate recruitment functions, our strategies are not "consultant strategy" novels, they are easy to understand and practical tools that will be openly adopted by your recruiting leaders, recruiters and sourcers.

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