Your Candidate's Experience
As the competition for talent heats up and focus on the employment brand continues to increase at a feverish pace, organizations like yours are recognizing that all our technology and process enhancements are potentially having a detrimental impact on our candidate's experience. How your candidates are treated (or not treated) in the hiring process has become a yardstick of your employment brand's attractiveness. Is your candidate experience helping or hurting your efforts to have an excellent employment brand?
When was the last time you went through your hiring process from a candidate's perspective? Many organizations continue to use processes, programs and technology that were developed decades ago. Though candidate's expectations have changed, we continue to ask candidates to complete onerous application processes, and then seldom reply (the black hole of recruitment). Today's candidates, especially in higher demand roles, expect a seamless, effortless and enjoyable process, ongoing communication and attention.

How do we assess a candidate's experience?
Hire inSite’s candidate experience audit provides a holistic view of what your candidates experience. We examine all elements of the candidate's experience from the initial presentation of the role (through your recruiters, website, third-party posting sites, third-party agencies) to the application, interviews, assessments, testing, offers, and on-boarding to identify the strengths and weaknesses, developing a blueprint for continuous improvement. We also examine all the places where (and why) candidates are exiting the hiring process (declined by you or self withdrawal) and the impact that has on their perception of your employment brand.
How does it work?
We use proven methodologies, tools and processes to conduct every audit. Hire inSite’s Candidate Experience audit process encompasses four phases:
Pre-Audit Discovery - Prior to initiating the audit, we ask customers to collect and provide information about their existing recruitment processes, practices and technology. Hire inSite provides guides to help you through this process.
On-site Review - This consultative phase involves client-site visits to review recruitment practices, tools and processes. We meet with key stakeholders (Hiring Managers, HR, Recruiting, and Candidates) to understand the practices in place today.
Candidate Surveys - We'll work with you to develop a survey that will reach out to a broad spectrum of candidates that were hired, interviewed and declined or withdrew, phone interviewed and also those declined upon resume review.
Findings and Recommendations Report - This in-depth report reviews all aspects of the candidate experience identifying key issues and strengths identified during the review. It also provides a series of prioritized recommendations.


How long does it take?
We aim to complete the pre-discovery and onsite review processes (phases 1&2) within 3-5 business days and provide a full report within 8-10 business days. This will vary slightly depending on the availability of your team for discovery meetings and the complexity and scope of your recruitment function.

What will you receive?
Hire inSite provides a comprehensive report of your candidate's experience from their perspective. It will include a full list of recommendations to optimize processes, practices, technology and people to provide the business with dramatically improved results.

What does it cost?
The full candidate experience program (audit and change management plan) costs about the same as one employee hired through a recruitment agency or the opportunity cost of missing a great candidate due to the experience they had with your company. Once your changes are implemented, your candidates will see an immediate difference, feel valued and wanted by and attracted to your organization. A few powerful reviews on employment review sites (such as will do wonders to your ability to attract, engage and hire great candidates.
What's the next step?
Once we've completed our report, we will work with you to design and implement a structured and articulated change. Our objective is establishing your organization as a leader, recognized for your market-leading candidate experience. If you're experiencing challenges identifying, attracting and hiring key talent in your organization, moving the needle forward in your treatment of all candidates will pay significant dividends.


Why Hire inSite?
We build Practical - We believe in building and delivering practical, usable and functional tools to enable your team the highest potential for success. Having led corporate recruitment functions, our strategies are not "consultant strategy" novels, they are easy to understand and practical tools that will be openly adopted by your recruiting leaders, recruiters and sourcers.

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