Hiring "InSites"

Three Ways HR Can Optimize Millennial Talent

Wanna hire, engage and retain millienial talent? Check out this Forbes article...

Do you REALLY want to fix recruiting? Fix this...

Hiring metrics are all the rage, but if you are truly ready to fix your recruiting, there is one measure that matters most...

Talent Acquisition's ROI: The Risk of Inaction

There's not a Talent Acquisition team around that has ALL the resources and capital it would like. Discover some ways to pry open the proverbial piggy bank.

Employee Referrals - Are you leveraging to achieve impact?

Employee referrals can (and should) be your best source to hire talent. Is yours "keeping up with the Jones"?

Though he be but little, he is fierce

Some hiring insites for small businesses.

Social Media Goes to Work - Is it an asset or a liability?

Whether it's your intent or not, your organization is on social media. An insiteful piece on how you can take control of your presence.

Is Cat Herding Your Talent Acquisition Strategy?

Having a talent acquisition strategy is key to your hiring function's success. A thought provoking look at how to develop a strategy that will deliver.

The Big Picture - Honing in on New-Hire Quality

Thinking our recruiting rocks yet our Hiring Managers are unhappy? Here are some tips on closing that gap.

Hiring on Social Media - If not now, when?

How can we truly leverage social media to charge up our talent attraction and hiring strategies?

You’re not on Social Media? Wanna Bet?

A Provocative look at how social media has impacted candidate behavior and the employment brand.

Effective Hiring - Are we mastering the basics?

Perhaps with all the evolution of technology and new tools, we've forgotten the fundamentals of hiring?

Unraveling Recruiting's Mysterious Black Holes

Mike takes us on a brief history of black holes in recruiting and what leading organizations are doing to address this candidate experience killer.

Rethinking Recruitment - Redefining the Candidate Experience

This article, by our own Mike Palmer takes a look at the key elements to a great candidate experience. Originally published in the spring 2015 HRMA PeopleTalk magazine.

Employee Referrals - Does Yours Stack Up?

A practical look at employee referral programs by our own Mike Palmer. Some pitfalls to avoid and a number of suggestions to beef yours up.

The Business Case for a Recruitment Audit

Hire inSite's latest blog post. Interesting what an audit can reveal. We share some 'inSites' from our customers.

The power of effective Hiring & On-Boarding

This excellent paper from Talentwise illustrates the impact that your hiring and on-boarding process have on employee retention.

Keep your talent from walking out

Curious about retention and what it's costing your business? Check out this globoforce whitepaper.

Looking for a great place to start with recruiting metrics?

An excellent whitepaper from the brilliant minds at Success Factors. A good primer on best practices recruiting metrics.

Recruiting’s Trifecta – Speed, Quality and Cost

In just about any business, there are constraints on cost, time and quality - What's the impact on your organization's recruiting?

Your Employment Brand - an opninion paper

A practical guide to driving candidate engagement. A highly recommended read if you participate in any part of the hiring process.

Chief Human Resources Officers - Whitepaper

A powerful Whitepaper from SuccessFactors highlighting the 5 things that the C-Suite should know and how HR can deliver impact.

Small Business Guide to Recruiting

Mike Palmer shares some "inSites" for small businesses competing for talent.

PRESS RELEASE - Xscient Talent is now Hire inSite!

Xscient today announced their name has changed to Hire inSite. Click here to read the press release.

Recruiting Evolution - Article Release!

A brief history of the evolution of recruitment over the past 20 years. Check it out here

New Opinion Paper (Managed Talent Acquisition) Released!

Read Mike Palmer's recent opinion paper "Managed Talent Acquisition". It is now available by clicking here

Whitepaper Release! - The Branding Effect

The Branding Effect - The updated version of Michael Palmer's whitepaper on the employment brand is now available by clicking here