Hiring Manager Training

Are your Hiring Managers effective interviewers? We build and deliver customized training programs to teach your Hiring Managers how to identify, interview and select the right candidates based on their skills, comptencies and culture fit.

Candidate Experience
Do you know how your candidates (not just the ones you move forward with) are treated throughout the hiring process? Do you think your employment brand is impacted? We'll help you navigate the road to a market-leading candidate experience.
Strategy Consulting
We design and implement all elements of your recruitment strategy. From individual programs to the entire recruitment process, Hire inSite is the ideal partner.
Employment Brand
Your employment brand is paramount to your business success. Working with your team, we help you see your "true colors, articulate and build yours.
Recruitment Audits
How you recruit has a dramatic impact on your candidate quality and ability to attract the best talent. We provide a thorough analysis and report on the state of your recruitment function.
Social Media Strategy
Your candidates are all on social media platforms, are you managing what they see? Designing and implementing social media strategies is fundamental to managing what candidates (and customers) are seeing and saying about you.