Social Media:
Social Media has quickly evolved to become an integral component to today's talent acquisition environment. Our employment brands and our candidate's experiences are being communicated on social media. Do you have the strategy and tools you need to prosper in the social arena?
Our candidates, whether active or passive are checking out our organizations before they express interest, apply for a role, or at the very least, before they accept a job. They’re not just checking out the company reviews and corporate websites, they’re asking their networks, friends, and colleagues.

Why do I need a Social Media strategy?
Whether we think we’re on social media or not, we are. It all boils down to who’s managing the message and how we choose to show up. We’re living and recruiting in a time of limitless pulpits and previously unheard of congruency (what you see is what you get). We can say what we want about our organizations to the world, but if we’re saying that we’re something that we’re not, we’ll get called on it.

What are the potential Social Media elements?
Employment and Career presence on Social Media sites - Leveraging your employment brand across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and in some cases, Pinterest, Instragram and other sites, we'll design the mechanisms to build, engage and maintain momentum with your social media presence.
Internal employee marketing – Through your employee's networks, we'll align your social media initiatives with your employee referral program, and/or "employer of choice" marketing programs.
Tie in programs with your consumer brand – Your employment and consumer brands can complement each other with the right programs in place to leverage against each other. We'll work with you to unite these two elements and drive a consistent message out into the marketplace.
Message Management – Building a program to address public commentary is critical to successfully managing the message. We'll help you build the program to understand what's being said, who's saying it, and how to address in a positive way. In essence, managing your employment brand.

Why Hire inSite?
We build Practical - We believe in building and delivering practical, usable and functional tools to enable your team the highest potential for success. Having led corporate recruitment functions, our strategies are not "consultant strategy" novels, they are easy to understand and practical tools that will be openly adopted by your recruiting leaders, recruiters and sourcers.

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