Recruitment Strategy
A clear, concise and widely understood recruitment strategy is critical to allow your hiring teams to achieve their targets. Our philosophy is to build practical tools that benefit your organization, help you achieve your hiring targets and measure results in all areas of your recruitment function.

Why do I need a Recruitment Strategy?
Without line of sight to your future hiring needs, having the right team structure, size and functional mix is a coin toss. By first creating a practical and functional workforce plan, we work through all the strategic elements, from team design, sourcing venues and strategies, candidate attraction and engagement whilst packing up a clearly articulated approach to gleaning and leveraging your recruiting metrics. With these elements in place, real measurement, accountability and change begin to happen, clearly aligning your talent acquisition function to your business' needs.

What are the potential Strategy elements?
Workforce Planning - We will help you build an ongoing forecasting approach that will give you an accurate plan for ongoing hiring needs.
Recruiting Team structure and Design– Is the structure of your team set up to achieve the business results you're expecting? With the completed workforce plan in hand, we'll work with you to design a recruiting team structure that supports your business' needs, including full accountability to achieve those results.
Sourcing Channels and Strategies – We will build a practical and effective sourcing strategy for your organization, designed to maximize your return on all your efforts and spend.
Metrics and Reporting – Designing and building out a metrics and reporting strategy is fundamental to building a culture of continuous improvement. From data capture to reporting, straight through to full analysis, we'll develop a metrics strategy that's practical, aligned to your business and clear to all leadership within your organization.

Why Hire inSite?
We build Practical Recruitment Strategies - We believe in building and delivering practical, usable and functional tools to enable your team the highest potential for success. Having led corporate recruitment functions, our strategies are not "consultant strategy" novels, they are easy to understand and practical tools that will be openly adopted by your recruiting leaders, recruiters and sourcers.

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