Hiring Manager Training
Have your Managers developed the skills to accurately and objectively assess a candidate's competencies and fit? In a recent survey by the McQuaig Institute, professionals across North America were asked if their hiring managers were strong interviewers; 45% said no. This creates a significant challenge. The people making the final hiring decision lack the skills to get the information they need from an interview.
Given all the attention we place on employee engagement and our employment brands, is there a more fundamental skill for your managers to have? For those of us in Human Resources, we are well grounded in identifying role competencies and how to seek those out in an interview. Your Hiring Managers also need to develop these skills, as they own the final decision on who joins their teams. Hiring Managers will benefit greatly from our Hiring Manager Training Program. It will enable them to hire those that best fit your corporate culture while managing the candidate experience and your employment brand.

What is it?
Hire inSite’s Hiring Manager Training Program will propel your Managers to be more effective interviewers. Working together, we identify your needs, create a customized 4, 6, or 8-hour workshop and deliver the training. The program is focused on giving your Hiring Managers the skills and confidence needed to select the right talent for your unique environment. They will leave with interview guides, a methodology for evaluating the whole candidate against both the hard and soft-skill needs of the job, and best-practice process recommendations to ensure the interviewers are prepared, aligned, and able to articulate a legal, evidence based hiring recommendation.
How does it work?
We have a proven approach to understanding your environment and building a program that will work for your unique environment. Hire inSite’s Hiring Manager Training Program encompasses:
Pre-Training Discovery - We meet with your HR team and select Hiring Managers to understand your environment, unique challenges and the profile of an ideal candidate. We work with you to identify your culture (employment brand) and competencies for a few of your higher priority roles. Hire inSite provides guides to help you through this process.
Training Program Delivery - Typically conducted on-site, we facilitate a training program that is a highly interactive session, including role-play, group interaction and leader-led activities.
Follow-up - We follow up with Hiring Managers at pre-planned intervals to review their progress and remain available for coaching for up to 12 months after the training session.

Why Hire inSite?
We build your training program with you and for you - These are not off-the-shelf training programs. We create each training engagement to align to your team’s challenges, goals, skill gaps, culture, and process. The workshop agenda is created with you so we can leverage real world interviewing scenarios. Our goal is that Hiring Managers leave with practical tools to walk into their next interview with confidence and competence.

Built for Hiring Managers – Hiring Managers do not typically have a great love for training, especially HR training. Our program focuses on the practical elements of managing the interview process, candidate selection and identification of role and company specific competencies, not the behavioral theory. Your Managers will leave energized and confident in their ability to make better hiring decisions.

Practical Methodology – We help your Hiring Managers understand the link between competencies and success using practical real world examples from your organization. We give them the tools to be able to build their own behavioral questions, accurately evaluate candidates, and manage the interview time and process effectively. Our program acknowledges their gut feelings and biases while given them the tools to manage through to make an evidence-based hiring decision.

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